Sunday, September 12, 2010

Brie and Grape Revisited

Why "revisited"? I hear you ask. "Because it's not the first time we've done it," would be the truthful response.

Way back in the mists of time, when legends still stalked the land, Millbrooker Towers played host to a Brie and Grape party that was the subject of one of my first postings on these pages, back when I still didn't really know what sort of direction this blog would be taking. Actually, I have very little idea of that even to this day, but there you go.

I looked rather different back then, you know (follow the link to check the long vanished face fungus). And Blog-names were still a thing of the future.

Anyway - last night saw a veritable crowd of Millbrookian glitterati descending upon our 'umble abode to chomp through a large wheel of Brie de Meaux that had been gently crawling through its wax coating for a couple of weeks since we returned from France.
Some long lost friends found their way up MIllbrooker Towers' somewhat overgrown and treacherous path for the first time in a while; The Sump and La Sumpetta were in attendance, as was Frankenkeith - freshly returned from his seafaring acts of derring-do (for which one could read "messing about in his new boat") before heading off again for more adventures on the briny.

Here are The Sump and Frankenkeith deep in conversation about anti-fouling paint or mooring fees. Or something. Also in shot is Margaret from next door and Mr E cradling a glass of plonk.
The Leaderene and Mr B very kindly contributed some grapes (as well as a bottle or two) from their own vine.
The wine flowed, the conversation did likewise.

This is Stubbers carefully explaining something to Dong, who was obviously enthralled.
And also present and correct (well, present at least) - we had (L-R) half of Frankenkeith, Mr E, Gay, Comb-Over, Mrs E, La Sumpetta (back view) and Liability.
Sylvia, Paul and Sue inhabited a small corner of the room.
One more overall shot gives us Margaret, Mrs The MIllbrooker, Dozybean, the newly brunette Dorothy, Mr E (again) and Shazzerooneypoos desperately trying to get into shot by jumping up and down in the foreground.
Mr B eventually gave in to his desire to plink a bit on the guitar and we played a couple of songs before handing over the reins to Stubbers who is something of a whizz on the old six-string.
Plenty of possibly ill-advised late night singing ensued and jolly good fun it was too, the occasional note of dubious provenance being largely accepted as one of the hazards of singing after an heroic intake of vino mucho collapso. A video does exist of the newly formed Millbrooker Towers Tabernacle Choir performing "Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?". Bribes and gifts to prevent publication can be left at the usual address.
Thank you to everyone who came along, we had a terrific time. And thanks especially to Mrs The MIllbrooker who, because I've been working stupidly early shifts and needed sleep, did all of the party preparations on her tod.

Chin chin.


Judith said...

I'm glad you ditched the face fungus, Millbrooker.

That brie looks wonderful!

The Millbrooker said...

And you can see just how it happened here:..............

Thanks for the comment.

Judith said...

The eyebrows too! I salute you.