Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Car Trouble

I'm grateful to Nigel for sending me a series of photos that might raise a smile if you've had a bad day.

It probably wasn't as bad as these guys. This series of photos appears to come from an incident in Galway, Ireland, in 2003 or 04; I've found some references to it here (the website has an irritating soundtrack, but some interesting info).

Anyway, here we go...

Some poor soul has forgotten to put the hand brake on properly
So, brave rescue man with his crane truck attaches the car to his crane and away we go.
Careful now, people.
Now what?
Get a bigger crane on a bigger truck, of course.
And there the story should have ended with everyone living happily ever after. Except for the insurance companies.



...someone had a play with their Photoshop program and created at least the last image. Check the last photo in comparison with the one directly underneath "Oops. Now What?" above; the people on the quayside are in exactly the same positions, the focus is deliberately fuzzy, the boats are in identical positions, despite the photo being at least an hour or so later - doesn't the tide move in Galway? - and the black van on the quay in the background has disappeared.

Thought it was funny enough without the embellishment, meself. Trust a photo from the internet? I think not.

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