Monday, September 13, 2010

A Day of Dance in Looe

A date for the diaries of anyone who fancies watching a load of people whack at each other with big sticks whilst skipping about.

It's Plymouth Morris Men's 40th bash this coming weekend and us Wreckers, along with I don't know how many morris sides, are going to to be descending upon Looe to dance the afternoon away and probably slurp some ale into the bargain on Saturday 18th.

That's this coming Saturday, folks.

Here are the salty old dogs themselves in action and waving their weapons during the Wreckers' own anniversary bash last month - Happy Birthday, boys.
Now, a short thought or two about Looe. As I recall The Old Ship serves a jolly decent pint. Hmmm - as I'm thinking of it, so does the Buller. And the Harbour Moon. And the Admiral Boscarn. And the Salutation Inn.

Does this sound as if I know more than is decent about hostelries in Looe? Ah, well - what can I say?

Anyway - The High Lord of Southwick (below) is going to be in attendance and will arriving upon his mighty steed at the portals of Millbrooker Towers on Friday in the post meridian in order that he might hear his musical gift being thrashed into submission by yours truly around the streets at the mouth of the Looe Valley.
What's more, unless the employer for whom both Anal and I have the pleasure of working cocks up the annual leave arrangements again, me old mucker from our mutual days as would-be rock legends (below) and his ever lovely Sandybum will also be heading this way to partake of the sea air and fermented tastes of Cornwall.
I haven't got full details yet, but I believe things start off at around 11:00 and, if the day follows the pattern of the previous events that I've had the pleasure of playing at, the dancing is likely to go on for a couple of hours before a lunch break and then there's usually a bit more dancing and some music and then everyone's too knackered to carry on and we all drift off home.

The exact location(s) are also a mystery to me at the moment - if you fancy coming along you shouldn't have too much problem finding us; Looe's a small enough town and if there's a bunch of people in morris outfits skipping about to melodeon music, that'll be us.

Fingers crossed for decent, or at least dry, weather; morris in the wet can be hard work.

Post Script:

At 0937 a train filled with morris men and women will pass through (and stop at) St Germans rail station; yours truly and The High Lord of Southwick will definitely be catching it. It's probable that Anal, Sandybum and Mrs The Millbrooker will also do so but they might drive down later.

This means that the dancers and musicians (and me - I don't dance and calling myself a "musician" is stretching reality too far) will be starting their stuff in Looe at around 11:00.

Anyone who fancies getting aboard the Morris Express with us, that'd be cool (tickets are about a fiver for a day return to Looe, and parking there is a nightmare - so taking the train is a pretty fine idea).

I don't have much idea of exactly what we're going to be doing and when other than that, but these things normally involve two or three different changes of (outdoor) venue for dancing and some lunch and ale. After lunch, things tend to get a bit more raggedy and disorganised, there might be more dancing, there might not....ho hum.

I expect (but don't know) that the return trip will be on the 1729 from Looe getting back into St Germans at 1830ish. There is an earlier departure (around 1500) if you need to get away from the incessant melodeons.

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