Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Getting Together at the Devon and Cornwall

Those sad souls who actually read yesterday's moderately lengthy missive about spending a day on the morris in Looe will know that Millbrooker Towers has been playing host to old friends over the weekend.

Saturday's gaiety and morris-ness was continued (only without the morris-ness) in the evening as Russell cooked up some tasty treats for us at the D&C.

Before that, though, we had to say fond farewells to Helen who was rejoining her cricketing chums and still-in-hangover-recovery-mode other half, Andy.

Here we all are at St Germans station, Mrs The Millbrooker was on both camera and picking us up in the car duties. L-R: Sandybum, yours truly, Hangin' Andy, Helen, Anal, The High Lord of Southwick. A note to pedants amongst us, I've got Sandybum as furthest left because her foot is definitely to the left of me, resting on the steps, even though most of me is to the left of her. There, I'm glad I've got that straight.
After a brief rest period in which Anal kindly passed on some guitar tips (being the sort of person who can play a perfect B minor augmented 9th at the same time as adjusting his belt and sipping tea)...
...we made our way to West Street for one of those traditional slap-ups that Russell does so well. Also in attendance were Dong and Shazzerooneypoos. This is AuntieSharon, The High Lord and Mrs The Millbrooker awaiting their starters.
Anal put in a tremendous effort to finally snatch the Unflattering Photo of the Day Award from himself (remember he was already in the running for his superb attempt on the prize at the Admiral Boscarn earlier in the day - see posting immediately below). In this shot we have L-R Anal, Sandybum and Dong.
Just so you can admire the effort he made to achieve that particular expression, here's another taken only a second or two later in which, I think you'll agree, he looks indubitably suave and handsome. Although Anal would probably prefer to be described as "shaggable". Control yourselves, ladies.
I won't witter on about the food - you'll know by now that I'm a fan of Russell's culinary skills, as indeed was everyone else at our table.

'Twas great to see everyone over the weekend and we're looking forward to seeing Anal and Sandybum again on their way through on Sunday week at the end of their annual North Cornwall holiday.

Bottoms Up.

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