Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Grey Nomad

"I am now 81years old, there are many of us out there, traveling the world, seeing the sights. My hair changed colour, becoming first grey and then white... I am one of the many..."

Ah yes - The Grey Nomad - a mysterious character and one of my new favourite websites.

I should probably admit to a familial interest. The Grey Nomad is none other than everyone's favourite first-cousin-once-removed.
Yes, indeed, Auntie Jean has her own website; not a cheap and cheerful blog like this load of old nonsense - oh, no. A proper, professionally designed "" affair.

It makes for some mighty fine reading, too - the travel and personal memoirs of an unusual and eventful life. The site is still being added to and will repay visits in the future as well as in the here and now (and what better time is there, or has there ever been, than the here and now?).

So - have a go, click on this link: and allow yourself a few minutes to enjoy a brief personal history on the home page and then travel with The Grey Nomad to Iona and to the Hidden North. I believe that writings about exploring the New World are to be uploaded in due course (but remember, it's no good trying to hurry a nomad, especially a grey one).

If you do pay the site a visit, please don't forget to sign the guest book.

One more quotation....

"It was 5th September, 1939. I was 10 years old and was visiting my aunts in Freshford. I remember laying on top of an old stone wall when I saw my uncles, 5 of them, all coming out of the house with my aunts. All of them were crying...."

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Colin Williams said...

Hi Josh, Mum just phoned me about the blog. She is a bit like a kid in a sweet shop (hehehe) but she loves it really. I have just put the link to your site on her main page (I assume that is ok with you). Thank you also for the hidden complement about the site design. I should say that I am obviously still developing it and mum is working hard writing more adventures and other articles, which I will get up her site as soom as I can - I have to say that there is a lot of stuff that even her own kids didn't know about, so it's a bit of an adventure for all of us. I am currently working on screen sizing so if there are some bits that dont fit properly on your screen resolution, then please bear with me - I am working on it. Anyway, a blatant bit of advertising for me - my site is if anyone wants their own site.
Lovely site Josh - keep up the good work. - Colin