Sunday, September 26, 2010

Plugging the Family

No, that's not a euphemism for distasteful practices on specialist websites.

I've had a comment from Cousin Colin (or more accurately but much more tiringly - Second Cousin Colin) who is the hidden power-behind-the-throne of

Cousin Colin is a web designer and you can find out all about his excellent work here:

Should you be in need of someone to help in fiddling with your website, Cousin Colin could well be your man - pay him a virtual visit by clicking the link above; you never know it could be highly mutually beneficial.

I haven't got a digital photo to upload of Cousin Colin because he and I haven't managed to occupy the same room for some years now (he's a bit of a north country inhabitant, by which I don't mean Ilfracombe or Exeter) so you'll just have to make do with the shamelessly nicked photo from his website (above).


Cousin Colin has read and inwardly digested this post and, quick as a flash, a suitable image of said cousin has been forthcoming. So, for the curious amongst you lot in the cheap seats, this is Cousin Colin - should you ever find him wandering the streets of Millbrook (and you never know - you just might) you'll now know that this is the person to greet with a cheery "Howdy, Cousin Colin". Or alternatively an equally cheery "I'm so sorry you have the misfortune to be related to that blasted Millbrooker fellow, come along into the D&C and share a pint or two".

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Auntie Jean said...

Many thanks. Gosh. Josh, I didn't expect all this exposure.Love from Auntie Jean, Colin's Mum.I fancy being a wrecker.