Friday, September 03, 2010

Little Adventures

When Mrs The Millbrooker and I visit Brittany, which we do as often as time and budget permit, we think of our time there as "a holiday of little adventures". That's a phrase that we borrowed from Tove Jansson's beautiful and charming The Summer Book - highly recommended reading as far as I'm concerned.

What we mean by this is that we're never really doing anything spectacular or highly adventurous, but we enjoy little discoveries: spotting common but  delightful birds, trying to photograph butterflies, watching water boatmen skimming over a stream, ordering a meal in a place where there is no menu and you simply get what you're given, trying a new wine (yep - that's a good adventure) and on and on and on....

So, in honour of little adventures, here's a series of photos from last weekend and then I'll shut up about Brittany until next time we make it over the channel.

A Silver Washed Fritillary near to St Ambroise in the Monts d'Arees.
A parasol mushroom close to Bronolo and  the Etang de Brugou. Parasol mushrooms are edible (we've picked them close to Millbrook) and jolly tasty, too. This one was about a foot tall.
A view of the church at the village of St Hernin, nestling in the trees.
Having a conversation with our neighbour Roger who will soon be moving to another house in Trebrivan.
Discovering a picnic spot in the forest; a small bridge over the river Mendy, and learning how to use the time delay function on my camera.
At another picnic spot - the Port de Carhaix - spotting a pigeon kebab above us.
We needed to buy a new float for the loo cistern from Bricomarche in Carhaix - now that's a truly "little" adventure. Cost us 15 euros, too.
Hitting the exhaustion point after about 15km, with a couple of kilometres still to go.
Some beautiful bull rushes at the Site de Brugou near Motreff.
I'm sure that's quite enough for now.

Au revoir, a bientot.

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Judith said...

Little adventures. Perfect. I have been a devoted admirer of Tove Jansson since I discovered the Moomin books at age 10 or so.