Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Totnes Folk Festival

Sunday just gone saw yours truly arising from slumber at a genuinely silly time of the morning for a Sunday. Mrs The MIllbrooker very sensibly remained curled up under the duvet and spent the day doing prep work for her new PGCE university course which started the next day.

Richard Wrecker picked me up at the ungodly hour of 08:30 (I know, I know - that's not very early in the scheme of things, but it felt awful after drinking too much with Dong and Shazzerooneypoos the previous night and it was Sunday, day of rest and all that).

En-route I foolishly suggested that in the coming season I'd be happy to "help out a bit" with the publicity. Within five minutes, Richard had turned this into "he's standing for the committee as Publicity Officer".

Before we'd started the second session of dancing of the day, he'd sidled up beside me and said "I've got someone to nominate you, I'll second you. Unless anyone else stands, you're in."

Me and my big mouth, huh? Anyway I've already suggested that I don't want to be called "Publicity Officer" when other committee members have such grand titles as "Squire", "Foreman", "Bag" etc. So I think we're going to settle on "Herald".

So, on to the day at the Totnes Folk Festival of 2010. With no one to do the camera work for me, I had to rely on my mobile phone's slightly inadequate photographic equipment, but for here's some shots that I managed to snap in between playing.

This is the Dartington Morris Men who hosted us during the day.
Even the ladies and gentlemen of the morris have to eat...in this case a great roast lunch at the Dartmouth Inn.
And finally, have you ever wondered how someone with so little musical knowledge as me manages to keep up (mostly) with fast fingered melodeon players like Richard Wrecker? If you had ever wondered such a thing - the answer is a small blob of blu-tak atop the guitar and a laminated crib sheet...

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