Saturday, October 02, 2010

A Fond Memory

I've spent a short while this week taking a peek at some old photos in the Millbrooker Towers archive. In common with most of western humanity we don't really have photo albums any more; just digital files. Easier to access at the click of a mouse, but also somewhat easier to delete completely and never destined to be family heirlooms, tucked into an attic for a couple of generations before being discovered and enjoyed by a descendant with no idea of who's image they're looking at.

Any, I rather enjoyed finding a couple of shots of a delightful little square in Santa Cruz La Palma that Mrs The Millbrooker and I visited with Milly and Trickers. In fact I enjoyed them so much, I played around with them to make them look slightly unreal.

Here's the result.
Aah - those might have been taken in November, but it was the almost permanent springtime of the Canary Islands. I've been watching jealously as spring unfurls itself in the garden of Millbrook's favourite Kiwi, Judith, whilst autumn begins to lash down upon us here in the old country.

Never mind - only 83 days to Christmas.........ho ho ho.

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