Thursday, October 14, 2010

How To Tell That You've "Arrived", part II

It was back in May that I let readers in on the secret of how to tell that you've "arrived" as an actor. I'm now in the fortunate position to divulge the same information about one's career as a musician-cum-dancer-in-braille.

You know that you've "arrived" and are now considered to be what is thought of in the trade as "hot property" when you start appearing in august publications as part of the news agenda.
Oh yes, dear readers, yours truly has got a photo into the much admired literary and theatrical periodical that is commonly known as the Torpoint Journal. It is, of course, also sometimes known as the local free rag or equally often as some welcome free lining for the cat litter tray, but we've all got to start somewhere haven't we?

So, for your delight and delectation...
I'm sure the cats of Torpoint and its surrounds will enjoy a fulsome poo onto one's physog in the very near future. Although it looks as if, having muscled into front centre position for the photo above, Leslie Wrecker will be first in the firing line.

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