Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A New Photographic Contributor

Some readers of long standing might remember Tony the Taxi who used to have the dubious pleasure of picking me up at stupid o'clock in the mornings to take me to work.Tony had that pleasure for several years before embarking on one of life's big adventures; he emigrated to Poland to be with his partner Basia and make at least one extra small Polish person.

Tony tells me that his Polish language skills still leave a fair bit to be desired, but some help is on the way with that - in the shape of a school teacher to whom he gives English lessons. Some mutual language lesson exchanges are to be made.

In the meantime, the former Millbrooker transporter is teaching English and familiarising himself with his new surroundings. He's kindly sent me some photos - and as very little is happening in my immediate surrounds with which to entertain's a little touch of Poland from the man on the spot.

Here are some shots of Krakow's main square and its wavel (castle). Very attractive, I must say. Mental note to self - must visit Poland one day. I'm afraid that I'm one of those sad souls who really likes other people's holiday snaps almost as much as I like my own.
And this is a place with a throroughly unpronouncable name (go on, try it), Ogrodzieniec Castle, at which Tony and Basia witnessed some seemingly homo-erotic goings on at a medieval entertainment. I do hope the enjoyed themselves.

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