Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Woodburner Saga Continues

Mr B has finished his labours at Millbrooker Towers for the moment. Just a little matter of fitting a slate hearth once the freshly laid concrete has dried properly is left as a job to be tackled.

So, as nothing more exciting has been happening in this neck of the woods as winter draws itself around us, here's the latest exciting set of pictures from the inner sanctum of Millbrooker Towers chronicling the installation of our new stand-alone heating appliance.

We took delivery of, along with many other chimney related artefacts, 10 metres worth of flue liner.
Mr B and his mate Pipkin fitted it into its rightful place in the blink of an eye and to see this stuff now requires a feat of great dexterity involving straining one's neck around inside the chimney breast after detaching the register plate that's sealing it all off from the outside world.

Some more rendering got done around the bleedin' great hole in the chimney breast.
And, eventually, the woodburner that has waited patiently for so long to find its rightful place in the world...
...found that very place with the help of some heavy lifting duties by Mr B and Ralphie (Millbrook's favourite "Who's Who" inhabitant).
Just some blacking needed (that's my and Mrs the Millbrooker's job), along with a little stove rope to be fixed into place to seal the doors, and we're looking forward to being toasty warm this coming chilly season. Huzzah!

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