Sunday, October 31, 2010

A Tale of Texting

Mrs The Millbrooker and I went out for a little pootle around Millbrook Lake a couple of days back; not a strenuous walk, you understand, just an amble to get us out of the house for a half hour or so.

We'd not got even as far as the Tractor Park when the sky closed in and a few drops of rain splished upon us.

"Oh bottoms!" or words to that effect, exclaimed Mrs The Millbrooker. "There's washing on the line - I'll go back and take it in, you carry on. You've got your mobile with you haven't you?"

I responded in the affirmative.

I only got a few yards and decided to sit and watch the birdlife on the island and enjoy the autumn colours. It was a little bit nippy, but nothing unbearable, so I settled down on a bench and took a few photos.
This is a cormorant, a black headed gull and a little egret on the piles by the island.

After a while, my phone made the little knocking sound that indicates to me that I have a text message.

"Where R U?" it read.

"On the bench looking at the island, opposite Molesworth Terrace" I responded.

In one of those moments of misunderstanding the meaning of "opposite" was interpreted differently by the writer and by the receiver of that little message and Mrs The Millbrooker duly appeared on the far bank.
"What are you doing over there?" she politely enquired (you might note the mobile phone glued to her ear as she speaks to me from the width of the lake away).

"I'm taking a picture of you" I replied. And it was the truth (see above).

We met, by telephonic arrangement, on the dam and continued our pootle together. My goodness me, but we live an adventurous life in Millbrook.


Judith said...

It's all go at your place, isn't it! :)

Lizzie said...

Hahahaha, I actually laughed out loud at this :)