Wednesday, November 24, 2010

And Introducing....

A very quick post today before I head off through the traditional Cornish weather to another day's gainful employment answering silly questions from behind protective glass (trust me, the glass is there for the public's protection - not mine).

Sunday just gone was the second rehearsal for the forthcoming extravaganza at Maker - Aladdin.

This Aladdin features some previously little known characters from the world of pantomime whom I thought you might like to know about.

And so, from a couple of days ago in the Random Arms at Maker, ladies and gentlemen I'm pleased to introduce to you (real names in brackets): in the hat - Terence the Dinosaur (Kit Derndingle) and lolling at the bar with the hair - Franc the French Fashion Stylist (Tootie McBadass).

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