Monday, November 29, 2010

We Are Sailing....We Are Sailing

Mrs The Millbrooker and I have carefully, and with Scrooge-like efficiency, saved enough pennies through ruthlessly refusing to use the central heating and using lots of free firewood (thank you, construction site people) to afford the fare across the channel for a short sojourn in our small Breton hidey-hole.

Tomorrow afternoon Millbrooker Towers and three cats will be left in the care of part of the younger element of the family as we sail away on Brittany Ferries' best vessel - the Pont Aven. (This is as opposed to Brittany ferries crummy old, ill-designed and, frankly, tacky excuse for a passenger boat the Armorique).
Sometime late tomorrow night we'll unlock the door of Le Bout de Sac in Trebrivan, shiver at the chill of an empty house in winter, light the fire, hastily make the bed and turn the electric blanket up to maximum, make a some hot chocolate and retire in the wonderful night-time silence that Trebrivan enjoys (until the local tractor owners start their pootling around at about six in the fore-noon).

After saying "bonjour" to Jean Luc and Gael at Bar l'Alsa-Breizh...'ll be the traditional shopping trip for groceries and quaffables and then.........well, whatever we fancy doing really.

Unless the weather turns wet as well as cold I'm sure there'll be some walking along muddy pathways muttering darkly about doing this for "fun"; I'm absolutely certain that at least one or two slap up feasts at favourite restaurants will be indulged in.

All of which means no more blog postings for a bit - we're back next week and normal service will be resumed soon thereafter.

Au revoir et merci pour tous les poissons (to somewhat painfully translate Douglas Adams).

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