Thursday, November 18, 2010

A Wet Wander in Liskeard

Mrs The Millbrooker had an important meeting in Liskeard today; all sorts of parish council stuff of the type that I decided to remove myself from a while ago. At more or less the same time as Mrs The Millbrooker decided to recommence her involvement as it happens (the two decisions being unconnected, I might add).

Rather than spend the day indoors, and a large-ish portion of it on my ownsome at that, I accompanied her and Dong and got myself dropped off in the town centre for a bit of a wander around. You know the sort of thing: all-but aimlessly meandering through the little shopping centre, popping into the charity shops in hope of a bargain or two, perhaps a peep into the town museum.

Now, one of the things about Liskeard is that it's right on the edge of Bodmin Moor. Bodmin Moor is the pretty much the first bit of high ground that any passing cloud looking to dump its load of wet stuff passes over, consequently it gets dumped on whenever there's a passing cloud or three in the vicinity. Today, there was a fairly large amount of passing cloud; indeed, it was almost seamlessly grey overhead and the Cornish market town got a fair old dousing. Which meant that I spent quite a bit of time dodging in and out of shelter; that's good old Cornish weather for you, though.

My meanders began in Pike Street with its collection of lovely little independent shops. It even looks rather attractive in the rain.
I foraged through some charity shops and got my mitts on an interesting looking book with which to while away some time of an evening. I got a shot of St Martin's Church tower, note ominous glowering sky just waiting to unleash the next set of liquid stair rods.
As I awaited Mrs The Millbrooker's return from Luxstowe House, I was pleased to note that in Liskeard's Pound Street...
...the co-operative "iskear akery" is doing a roaring trade. Presumably in oafs of read.
Not far from the 'akery, is the delightfully named Pig Meadow Lane. I took a wander down there and found a mural; it was mostly hidden by parked cars, but the central figure was easy to get a shot of. Rather impressive, I thought.
I did steal another image, which shows the whole mural, from another website ( The mural represents the history of Liskeard from earliest times. Interestingly (ok - possibly I was desperate to find something interesting and possibly this is actually really dull), the mural has been restored at some point between the nicked photo and mine - the central figure's dais in the older photo says "Caradoc", today it reads "Karasek". Without further (and unlikely-to-be-undertaken) research, I'm only guessing that Caradoc has been Cornished in the interim.
Soon enough Mrs The Millbrooker and Dong finished their business and we sped back to the civilized little corner that we call home. Now I must leave you, dear reader, to hurriedly prepare something resembling a meal before heading off to St Dominick to do some Wrecking rehearsals with those far-famed anarcho-morris warriors of the Tamar Valley - The Wreckers Morris.

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