Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Christmas Story in Millbrook (Part the Second)

Christmas Day at Millbrooker Towers was undoubtedly the same as Christmas Day in a myriad other households, give or take a detail or two and possibly with a different number of participants. We did the usual stuff and I won't bore you with it - we ate Christmas dinner, we had a short afternoon walk, we opened presents, we drank some jolly decent wine....

As much, if not more, for my benefit as for those of you in the cheap seats, here's a few shots so I can remember what we and it all looked like this year.

Christmas morning, the tree and its pile of unwrappables is as yet undisturbed.
Christmas dinner began.
A post prandial potter around Millbrook Lake. Dozybean enjoyed the icy bits, sliding merrily along.
The presents got opened.
NooNoo arrived after spending the first part of the day with daddy YarMatt. More presents got opened.
And eventually, after a large Cointreau, we stumbled off to bed.

And so that was Christmas.

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