Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Boxing Day Wrecking in Cawsand

Boxing Day is defined in the OED as the first week day after Christmas Day. So technically speaking, Boxing Day 2010 took place on the 27th of December. However, the far-famed anarcho-morris warriors of the Wreckers Morris team wouldn't allow a small thing like that to deter them from dancing out on their traditional Boxing Day jaunt on Sunday 26th.

No, indeed, at 12 noon prompt CDT (Cornish Dreckly Time) the first tune struck out from Wrichard Wrecker's melodeon, joined quickly by a motley of mandolin, guitar, fiddle and drums and soon Cawsand's fine square was a sea of black and gold tatters-clad dancers giving it their all.
It must be said that it was a bit of a chilly day and those of us who received new thermal undercladding for Christmas were glad indeed of the extra warmth trapped within such attractive garments. The dancers might have felt differently, but us musicians need all the extra layers we can get; we don't move about quite so much as the merry throng who spend their time whacking at each other with large sticks.
Pleasingly, we drew a decent sized crowd of passersby and Boxing Day pub-goers - many of whom kindly told us how much they enjoyed the display and the energy generated by the dancers doing their thing with the attitude of the Wreckers' unofficial motto: Dance Like It Matters.
During proceedings, a probable new recruit was found by Dozybean from amongst the younger members of the audience. The small fellow is seen here attempting to dance Tinner's Rabbit.  Yes, alright - it's NooNoo. And he thoroughly enjoyed himself.
After dancing and playing for an hour, a rest was well and truly in order and those very good people of the Cross Keys Inn at Cawsand Square broke out the sarnies. Most welcome, thank you, Smugglers people. Waverley Wrecker, who resides nearby, provided mice pies and cake, too - yum yum. Thank you, Waverley. 

Here's Mary Wrecker (AKA Bag - that's the title of a particular office holder within a team for the benefit of non-morris people who might read this) offering a plate of sarnies around. Mary is flanked by Wrichard and Julian Wrecker.
And here's team newbie Marie Wrecker enjoying some after dance sustenance.
Some of the familiar ritual of "morris waiting around" and chinwagging ensued over a pint or two and some very welcome nips from numerous flasks (thank you to Steve Wrecker and Lesley Wrecker who plied me with their port-and-brandy filled vessels). This is Jack, Bex and Paul Wrecker in the post-dance milieu.
And likewise Steve, Jennie and Lesley Wrecker. Note flask clasped securely in Lesley's mitt.
As always, a mighty fine time was had by all, but all good things come to an end and the time came to make our ways homeward. 
I'm given to believe that there might well have been some musical goings-on in the Cross Keys after I'd retreated home for a nice cup of cocoa, other Wrecking folk might like to confirm or deny this rumour.

Until next time....

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