Friday, December 10, 2010

The Great Thaw Begins

Day three of being huddled up in the cosy warmth of Le Bout de Sac's wood burner after our epic adventure in the snow imitating Scott of the Antarctic and the thaw was definitely showing signs of beginning. The snow atop our woodshed, for example, had slipped somewhat in the night.
Nonetheless it seemed to be far too much effort (and unnecessary slippery road usage) to actually drive anywhere, so the little pink wagon that we use as transport remained stationary for another day and Mrs The Millbrooker and I tramped off to Le Queff to see if we could explore the woods above the hamlet.
At Le Queff we met one of the locals who was enjoying the weather immensely.
Then we took a detour with very little idea of where we were actually going, ending up in a field with no discernible path - ah well, plod on...
...looking back over my shoulder, I got the traditional "looking back towards Trebrivan" shot. 
We did, indeed, make it into the woods where we got well and truly dripped (dumped?) upon by melting snow falling from the canopy before eventually finding our way back out onto a lane leading into Treffrin (below).
The rest was road walking back to Le Queff as a mist rose from the snow in the mildly increased temperature.
Back in the warm and it was time to fortify ourselves with a rather yummy chicken in white wine and Roquefort dish that I knocked up. A tad colourless, I'll grant you, but it slipped down the hatch pretty well.

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