Sunday, December 12, 2010

Wrecking in Jannerland

Well, it's the off-season. Apparently.

The thing is, us Wreckers keep getting invitations to dance at events in and around our stamping ground. I really can't get into this horrid Americanism and grammatically incorrect use of the word "invite" as a noun - we get an invitation because somebody has invited us - they did not "give us an invite". Minor grammar-based whinge over - on with the story of the latest invitation and our outing to Moor View Park and Freedom Fields in the urban jungle of Plymouth. 

Because my employers have the entirely unreasonable expectation that I attend my place of work during the hours for which they pay me, I was unable to be at Moor View Park in time for the first dances and instead had a biscuit handed to me by Slocombe Wrecker as I arrived and then enjoyed a swig of single malt from the old hip flask whilst listening to dramatic scenes being played out by local performers from a stage at one end of the small park. No photos of this bit of excitement exist in the Millbrooker archive, so the memorable performances might sadly be lost to posterity.

Then we processed to the tune of Millbrook (oh yes, everyone's favourite Cornish haven-from-reality has its own morris tune) through the empty and rather dark back streets of Mutley and Lipson to Freedom Fields where I was able to retrieve my camera from the  depths of my rucksack (it was lodged just under the worn and slightly whiffy work-shirt and on top of the empty sandwich box, thanks for asking). 

And so here is Dozybean Wrecker with her mama (that'll be Mrs The Millbrooker, then) as we did a bit of special "morris waiting around" (which is always a better experience with a drop of mulled wine on a chilly evening).
After processing all around the park, we danced by the cafe in return for some of the aforementioned mulled wine (mmm - very nice) and mince pies (equally mmm).

Right - you've successfully read through all that drivel with almost no pretty pictures to look at, so here's the reward for your patience. Ladies and germs, the Daily(ish) Millbrook is proud to present a selection of snapshots of the legendary Wreckers Morris dancing in the dark at Plymouth's famed Freedom Fields.

We danced "Stars and Stripes" with its simulated battle scenes (note very realistic looking fearsome-battle-face on Dozybean Wrecker's physog).
And here are some of the merry band of musicians (L-R Danny Wrecker on melodeon, yours truly on stringed thing and Wrichard Wrecker on melodeon -  afraid I don't know the feller behind us who joined in, but his contribution was very welcome).
Another musicianly shot - here's Slocombe Wrecker on guitar with Paul Wrecker on fiddle alongside resting dancers Waverley Wrecker and Steve Wrecker with Danny Wrecker just behind them.
On with the show...
And we danced (successfully for the most part) the Wreckers' new dance for the coming season "Worcester Monkey" - it's a great number with a swirl of tatters coats and the dancers vocalising and growling with the rhythm. If only it weren't for that B chord that my poor old fingers stretch creakingly for, it'd be my favourite piece.
I'll leave it there - you've got the idea by now. Perhaps you'll permit me one last shot of the evening's stick whacking and stepping, though, before I leave you in peace.

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