Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry Christmas and a Warning

'Twas the night before Christmas.....ok, no it wasn't. I'll start again.

'Twas the night before the night before Christmas,
when all through the house,
lots of people were stirring.........

coz we're doing the last minute "oh-god-Christmas-is-nearly-here-and-I-haven't decorated-the-cake-wrapped the presents-eaten-the-tree" panicking that is probably afflicting about 90% of households as I take a few minutes out to write this load of old drivel.

The tree is up but lacking lametta at the moment and likely to maintain that lack unless someone invents an extra hour in the day.
The Wizzers of Soz has made a rare appearance to visit us old crumblies for the festive season.
Tonight is Dong's traditional mulled wine and mince pie pre-Christmas get-together, which means that the festive season truly begins at around 8pm as the first goblet of Dong's legendarily tasty mulled wine slips down the hatch.

All of which means that I very much doubt that I'll be writing on these pages again until the day itself and its immediate successor are done with. I suspect almost no one will be reading this stuff until at least then either. 

For Millbrook and Rame Peninsula residents and visitors to these shores with nothing better to do on Boxing Day - the Wreckers Morris will be dancing in Cawsand Square from (I think) around 12:30/1:00ish. Do come along and enjoy the bonhomie and the music.

And now for the warning......

Some people will be recipients of Millbrooker Towers' hampers, full of home made goodies, as their Christmas gift from Mrs The Millbrooker and me. Some of the hampers will include amongst the contents a bottle.
Note the bottom right hand corner of the slightly amateurish label (Made by my own fair hand, as was the mead).
Some time back, Anal and Sandybum stayed with us and they went away with a prototype of the bottle above. I got a text from Anal last night as I was sitting and yapping with Slocombe in front of the wood burner. Here are the contents of that text...

"We dranken Millbrooker mead. We does. We arse follocks humfiflow flubbadougoosh flap plah"

Anal and Sandybum's bottle was unlabelled and hence they didn't know to be careful. Apparently.

From all of us at Millbrooker Towers - a very Merry Christmas, we hope your festive season is everything you wish it to be. See you again afterwards.

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Judith said...

What a brilliant use of language! I expect I'll be a little arse follocks myself, by the end of Christmas Day. Possibly even a little humfiflow.