Monday, December 20, 2010

Mr Ducky Goes on Holiday

Shazzerooneypoos has asked me to publish this strange tale. It seems that one of her numerous small ornaments went missing from its accustomed position on her bathroom shelf a while ago - only to re-appear a week or two later.

It was at this point that she received a mysterious email from someone calling themselves Edwood Mallard.

The email read: 

"Hello Auntie Sharon

I got a bit bored sitting on your bathroom window sill so when some nice people offered to take me on a holiday with them, I jumped at the chance. "Quacking idea!! I said.

Anyway I've had a lovely time and, although I haven't got a camera of my own, there are lots of photos which my kind hosts took to remind me of my adventures.

The photos and their captions should tell you all about the terrific time I've had and the nice new people I've met.

Quack quack
Mr Ducky

The email had numerous photographs attached; I'll repeat the captions as well.

Mr Ducky met Monsieur le Coq.
Mr Ducky went shopping.
Mr Ducky met Father Christmas [in the shop].
Mr Ducky went skiing.
Mr Ducky enjoyed 
aprés-ski, dabbling in some yummy stew.
Mr Ducky met Jean-Luc
Mr Ducky enjoyed a beer or three.
After the beers, Mr Ducky's behaviour lacked decorum.
Mr Ducky visited a restaurant.
Mr Ducky went to the local race course.
Where he enjoyed playing by the winning post.
Mr Ducky was invited to dinner by Jean-Luc and Gaëlle.
Mr Ducky went for a waddle in the countryside. He liked the watery bits best.
Mr Ducky was sad when it was time to leave.
Mr Ducky enjoyed a last holiday meal.
Mr Ducky admired the art works on the ferry home.
It had been a lovely holiday, but it's always nice to get home again.

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