Monday, January 10, 2011

Back to 'Work' in Panto Season

The festive break is well and truly over and Maker pantomime rehearsals restarted yesterday; the frantic run-up to production dates is with us. The curtain goes up on the first public performance in only  slightly over six weeks' time and us cast members are required to be present every Sunday afternoon  and Wednesday evening (plus dress/tech/costume fittings/filming for the cinema sequence...).

The preparations are going pretty well at the moment, most of the principals have got most of their lines memorised and they even usually seem to emerge in an approximation of the right order.

I'm the exception to this rule and am still clinging to my script; the aftermath of being unable to read over the whole Christmas break due to the iritis attack in my left eye. I'm just starting to be able do line learning, though, with the help of some new reading glasses and lots of patience.

We had the sad news before the rehearsal began that my pantomime sidekick, Gorbag, as played by Bev would now have to be played by someone else as Bev has pressing family matters to attend to during production week and has had to drop out. Best wishes, Bev. See you again soon. 

The good news is that Didds has volunteered to play Gorbag. She'll soon get used to my wild over acting and to being poked and pushed about in character.

I didn't have my camera with me at rehearsals yesterday, so I pressed the rather inadequate lens of my mobile phone into action instead. So here are some rather poor quality photos for your delectation.

Here's a small assembly of thespians waiting their cue to arrive on stage: L-R Tooty MacBadass as Franc the French Fashion Designer, Jay as a palace guard, Didds as a tour guide, Sally as Princess Jasmine and Dame Sandy of Florrick as Margerina.
And here's our head-honcho, director extraordinaire, Jo at her desk.
Things got a bit livelier as we blocked the first couple of scenes. Get on that chair, Waverley..
...and stay there for a bit, if you don't mind.
Oh, alright, you can get down if you give us a waltz. 
Oh yes - it's all go at rehearsals, you know.

Now a quick word about ticket sales - they're not available yet....BUT...last February the panto sold out (and then some) in a matter of days. If you want tickets please either get yourself to the box office in double quick time as soon as they go on sale or let me know that you want some and I'll try and get them for you straight from source. Oh yes I will.

I believe that the dates for your diaries are: 
Thursday 24th
Friday 25th
Saturday 26th
(matinée and evening show Saturday)

Be there, or be square. Or something.

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