Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Tooty MacBadass' Photos

Yesterday's posting about the panto had some quite disappointing photos. Luckily for us, Tooty MacBadass got an all-singing-all-dancing souped-up super camera for Christmas and he brought it along to rehearsals on Sunday.

I don't do Facebook, but Tooty does. So does Mrs The Millbrooker and thus courtesy of her logging in to her "friends" who include Tooty himself, I've managed to steal the photos that he's published there. He was going to send them to me anyway, but hey - what's a jumped gun between friends?

As much for my benefit as yours (was it ever any different?), here's a few of Tooty's efforts.

Firstly and most importantly a bottle of rehearsal fuel (kindly donated by Dame Sandy of Florrick for pouring into coffees).
And then into the action...
...as the villainous pairing of yours truly (as Sudoku) and Didds (as Gorbag) plot some dastardly deeds...
...before launching into a song and dance routine. Of course.
Never let it be said that being in pantomime leads to even the teensiest bit of overacting.
And, lastly, could you believe that the young lady, centre shot, clutching the long stick (or "sword" as we like to think of it) and I are supposed to be of the same age? No? Thought not.....ah, well, you'll just have to suspend disbelief for the duration. And I'll just have to trust in some heavy pancake make-up and lavish quantities of polyfilla. And perhaps some support hosiery.

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