Wednesday, January 05, 2011

New Year's Day Dip in Cawsand 2011

I was going to do this faintly foolhardy exercise myself again this year, but life got in the way of collecting sponsorship and so getting very cold and very wet without raising money for a good cause seemed above and beyond the call of silliness. In other words, I chickened out.

Lots of people didn't chicken out, though, and one of the biggest New Year's Day crowds that I've seen was gathered in Cawsand to witness a throng of daft dippers running into the cold waters of the bay.
Soon, the dippers completed their parade lap of Kingsand and Cawsand and started to appear on the beach.
Some of the Millbrook glitterati were involved. Can you spot our own Village Vampette amongst the Viking team in her special Brunhilde outfit? 
After a mercifully brief bit of arse-clenchngly awful speechifying from the reliably grating Sheryll Murray MP, it was time for the off...keep your eye on the Viking team for glimpses of The Sump, Mark, Jane and the Vampette of Millbrook as they wander about in the wet stuff.

After a minute or two in the briny, our heroes emerged...
..and, having applauded from the crowd, us Millbrooker Towers' residents decided that a quiet wander homeward via Kingsand's  premier drinking establishment was in order.
Anyone would think that such escapades would be enough for a New Year's Day. But oh no - there was more to come in the village of Duloe - but that's a story for another posting.

Well done to all those who got cold and wet to raise money for their own fine and worthy causes this year -  perhaps I'll see you on the beach again next year, only then I might be in speedos and very little else and about to plunge into the waves alongside you.


cawsander said...

i once was blind but now i see.

you avoided the curbs very well i must say for a blind ma

The Millbrooker said...

The Cawsander raises an interesting point, and one which I'm often asked about. It's obvious when someone watches me that I have vision - yet I have a white cane. This sometimes confuses people who associate white canes with complete blindness. For a pretty accurate description of my particular problem there's a "self-pitying whinge" posted on these pages on the 19th December 2010.

The good news is that I can indeed still avoid kerbs pretty well! And long may that continue.