Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Welcoming 2011 Millbrook Style

New Year's Eve has, of course, come and gone in the blink of a visually enabled spherical object. But since then, Millbrooker Towers has had guests and I've been doing big breakfast cooking and general bonhomie-ing. So this rather late posting about the goings-on over the 31st of last month and the 01st of this will just have to do.

The High Lord of Southwick was the first of our guests to arrive, complete with his rather beautiful 1904 concertina. Here he is entertaining a small crowd which consisted of me (out of shot, holding camera), Wrichard Wrecker, Dozybean and Max Wrecker (also out of shot).
The High Lord was followed, a short while after the Wrecking duo left for New Year's employment  involving a melodeon and the Wilcove Inn, by Cousin Dave and Penny Potter who made use of the evening to announce their planned wedding date. Well, their planned wedding year - 2012 for those who wish to know when one of the greatest parties of the 21sr century will occur.

Unfortunately, no flattering photo of the happy couple exists, so this will have to do.
Penny Potter is shown in a much better light later in the evening perched elegantly on the sofa alongside Shazzerooneypoos, Liability, Dozybean and the High Lord of Southwick.
There is no such thing as a "better light" in which to show Cousin Dave, so we'll avoid further photos of everyone's favourite near relative of the David persuasion.

You'll have got the idea by now - we sat around, we yakked, we drank mildly heroic quantities of grape and barley juice.

The Sump and La Sumpetta joined us (no photos at all of them from the evening), as did Mark and Jane (back of head and right respectively).
Midnight arrived. We Auld Lang Syned with the best of them, although I fear that I might have chosen a key moderately too high to avoid painful squeaking on the higher notes from all male participants.

It only remains for me to thank Liability for providing Comb-Over in particular and everyone in general with ample entertainment over almost all of the evening.

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