Friday, January 28, 2011

Nigel Mazlyn Jones

I sat here at the old steam driven jalopy of a laptop that is the source of The Daily(ish) Millbrook this morning and I thought to myself that I'm so wrapped up in rehearsals for Wreckers Morris and for the Maker Pantomime that I have almost nothing of interest to witter on about on these pages. "No change there, then," I hear the cry from the cheap seats.

True enough.

Anyway I thought I ought to stick something up (ooh er missus). Anything.

So - I took a wander around the interweb searching on Mr Google's clever device for images of our much loved corner of the world - the expected site of the second coming according to the people of the Divine Light movement (oh yes we are). I was just looking for inspiration.

The first image that caught my eye was from, oh yes - what a web address! And here's the photo.
A quick visit to the site itself showed lots of advertising for a long ago (2008) festival at Maker which featured this chap.
That's Nigel Mazlyn Jones of whose existence, until today, I was completely unaware. Curiosity made me plop his name into most people's favourite search engine...and lo! There was with song samples and lots of info. What got me interested enough to listen was that N.M.J. works with Guy Evans on a fairly frequent basis and Guy Evans is one hell of a percussionist/drummer and a member of Van Der Graaf Generator (particular favourites of mine).

I won't go so far as to say I've become a die-hard fan in a few mere minutes, but I do rather like what N.M.J. does - it's quite psychedelic and right up my musical street. So, on a day dominated by line-learning for the panto and muttering darkly to myself about the chilly weather, I'm rather pleased to have made what is, for me, a new musical discovery.


Anonymous said...

Wow! I've not heard of the DLM for years. When I was at school (in Millbrook), it was a big issue. You know xyz? they are "Divine Lighters". I think Millbrook was the UK centre for this church/religion/cult.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mr M,
There are still a fair few DLMer's on the Peninsula. There was a School and commune at Wringford Manor in the seventies which brought loads of followers to this part of Cornwall. The Guru and his cult has mutated from the Divine Light Mission into the Prem Rawat foundation, from Godhead Guru into motivational speaker (still wants your cash though). There are still weekly videos at the community center and lots of CD's to take away. Check out for the low down and some interesting stuff about Millbrook. Perhaps an espose?!

Love and peace (and some cash please)
Mr A

check out - still lives in the area and was a teacher at the Wringford school. Worth the time to read.