Sunday, January 30, 2011

Rame Peninsula History Group: News

I've had a comment from the Rame Peninsula History Group, about whom I wrote a little piece not long ago.

The group now has its own website. I've had a quick trawl around it this morning and it's a fine place to while away some spare time - full of fascinating information about the history of our little haven from reality. It's got a terrific historical photo gallery as well as lots of other stuff.

I recommend taking a peek:

There will be a permanent (well as permanent as anything is in this age of technological wizardry) link on the right of these pages. There is, of course, a listing on the site of forthcoming events, but it's a tiny bit hidden - click on "The Group" on the menu to find it.

The next two events (both at 7:30pm, both £2 on the door and at the Congregational Church basement room, Cawsand) are:
Monday 21st February
Mike O'Connor presents
'The Edgcumbes and Musical History in the Tamar Valley'

Monday 21st March
 Sue Andrew presents
'Sin and Salvation - Medieval Roof Bosses in Devon and their Context' 

Get there early - this is a very popular way to spend a Monday evening!

headline photo nicked from the wonderful Cornish heritage site
photo of Mike O'Connor and church boss
shamelessly stolen from

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