Monday, January 17, 2011

A Wrecking Workshop

It might be what we laughingly call "the off season" but us Wreckers are as busy as anything learning new dances and tunes for the coming spring and summer. And, oh yes, spring and summer are on their way, no matter what it looks like outside at the moment. Before we know it, we'll be dancing at dawn on the first of May just as the ladies and gentlemen of the morris have done for countless generations before us.

In the meantime, there's plentiful fun to be had at the village hall in St Dominick (and the Who'd Have Thought It Inn, of course).

Take last Saturday, for example. It was the Wreckers annual day long workshop. The day began (as all good morris days do) with some special morris-waiting-about.
Whilst the dancers milled about, there was the opportunity for a bit of gentle noodling on the melodeon. Here's Kevin Wrecker doing just that through his "good-god-what-sort-of-time-of-the-morning-do-you-call-this-for-morris-dancing" fug.
Soon enough Foreman Wrecker got things going with some warm-up moves and some not-too-energetic dancing for starters.
Even the band tried to pull some moves rather than just sit and play. (L-R David, Wrichard. me, Kevin).
The sun passed over the yard arm and a bottle or two of Millbrooker Towers' home made hooch got broached. And before we knew it, lunch was served.
Jack Wrecker made and served some of his legendary porridge.
Wrichard Wrecker played with his food...
...and Jules Wrecker showed off his new tankard, he made it himself you know. Hmm - very tasteful.
Lots more dancing and playing...
...and eventually the homeward trail was hit with lots of new stuff learned, lots of older stuff revised and refreshed and plentiful Wrecker-bonding achieved. Well done Wreckers, and thank you to everyone who made it a great day.

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