Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Sheryll "Dancing Queen" Murray at Hunt Ball

Let us leave aside, for the duration of this posting, the evils and class warfare of the hunting-lobby-cum-countryside-alliance and their braying Hoorays and concentrate instead on our local MP and her clear enjoyment of such company.

It's not a widely known fact that the Daily(ish) Millbrook has a small network of volunteer contributors. In this case, some of the Millbrook Glitterati managed to get invited to what I like to think of as the Culture Secretary Ball.

Some of the contributors have told me that they have no desire for anonymity, so step forward Dong and Shazzerooneypoos to whom, amongst others, I am indebted for the news of Mrs Murray's night out.
Upon discovering that they were sharing breathing space with the worst and most excruciatingly irritating MP in the history of South East Cornwall, my non-left-wing friends (I can't pretend that either Dong or Shazzerooneypoos share my ideology, merely my deep admiration of Sheryll Murray) with a little help from other far famed Millbrookians set about recording the moments for posterity.

Dong got himself into prime position and found the Murray bopping to the beat. Shake that thing, Sheryll.
Oh yes, she most certainly did shake that thing. Looks most uncomfortable if you ask me.
Dong and Sheryll did indulge in polite conversation during the evening which I believe included the phrase (or something very like it) "I suppose this will be all over the f*cking internet tomorrow". Obviously, an esteemed MP wouldn't use such a word as "fucking" in public, so our graceful and fragrant representative in the mother of all parliaments naturally preferred to say "f*cking".

Regardless of the lesson to be learned from Anne Widdecombe about when and where to dance (never and nowhere, in case you were wondering), Sheryll Murray pressed on with a forthright display of step-together-step-together mum-dancing.
In the interests of public scrutiny of MPs' expenses Shazzerooneypoos did enquire of our MP whether she'd paid for her own ticket, but was roundly ignored with a jolly spirited flounce of back-turning and striding off in the opposite direction. I guess we'll just have to draw our own conclusions on that one.

It is unreported whether Sheryll had a little too much to drink and was rude to an official of the hunt, so I can neither say that such an thing happened nor that it did not. We know her track record on such things, but perhaps she's learnt the lesson on that one.

Chin chin.


Anonymous said...

bordering slanderous maybe ? slow news day? are you worried about the new lawsuit in the UK against a blogger ?

thank fully you dont represent the views of most people in millbrook or cornwall if you did id say please shoot us all now!

The Millbrooker said...

Dear "Anonymous" - you've caught me whilst a tiny bit under the influence, so I shall reply.

1) Slanderous? Certainly not - if it's in print or in writing it's libel, not slander. And trust me, there's nothing remotely actionable in this article. Think "Private Eye"; think scurrilous (defined as "coarsely jocular...derisive") - that's certainly what I was thinking.

2) I'm completely unaware of any "new lawsuit...against a blogger".

3) I couldn't give monkey's - on these pages I represent my views and stuff I find amusing. If you want balanced reporting try bbc.co.uk if you want pro-Murray propaganda try sheryllmurray.com.

Chin chin.