Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Last night of Aladdin. Or "Me and My Gorbag".

Yesterday evening, just after ten, the cast of Aladdin had done their thing for the last time and the characters got packed away into assorted bags and boxes. It's always a rather poignant moment and I shall miss my villain Sudoku. And I'll miss my snivelling spineless sidekick Gorbag as well. I reckon we made quite a decent little double act. And, at the risk of coming over all luvvy-ish, Didds was a delight to work with and I had great fun trying to keep up with someone only slightly over half my age.

With the thought that this blog gets read all over the place, I won't bore readers with a long list of names who were "wonderful, darling" (even though they were) but it's impossible not to mention at least one - Jo had the patience of Job and once again showed her outstanding vision in directing.

A big thank you, as well, to everyone who spent some of their hard-earned to come and see us.

Mrs The Millbrooker showed familial courage and went to the show twice, last night she took the camera along and so I can share a few shots. And I'm going to. Oh yes I am!

There is a set of around 120 photos from last night on my Picasa pages: click here to view more photos of a pantomime than you could possibly wish for. On the link, the bare outline of the story is also told in the photos' captions.

Those of you who would be more than satisfied with just a few shots - stay here and scroll gently downwards pausing wherever you see fit:
Above the Tour Guide and Tourists open the show's dialogue.
Margerina and the Princess Jasmine
Boo! Hiss! Sudoku has the magical Box of Delights
The mighty Minotaur. Gorbag right of shot.
Aladdin himself - and a dancing statue.
The Genie Hasim and the good guys 
Sudoku and Gorbag's song and dance routine "Bad Guys"
Yes, that is a gladiator on a space hopper. It's panto!
And of course, there have to be local children dressed up to look cute
Getting jiggy with it
Sometimes scripts can call for humiliation
"the sort of dad dancing best left to a teenage daughter's nightmares."
Aladdin has the Sword of Destiny! Victory is in sight. 
Note Noel Edmunds on the right, don't often see him in panto, do you?
"I am the future!"...
or perhaps not.
We like to move it move it

And finally - after the show, and after packing our characters away....
Me and My Gorbag.
Cheers, Gorby.


Anonymous said...

Lovely pictures, looks like I missed a real event.

Remember MADS?

The Millbrooker said...

I know of MADS, but I arrived in this fair corner of the world after its demise, sadly. Fear not - there will be more panto next year at Maker!