Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Have A Listen to the Salmeister

Panto's over, but some of us are still on something of a high from it. Just checking the Facebook pages of other pantomimers shows that...it's all comments on photos of us dressed up in our pantofinery and (occasionally disguised) versions of how wonderful we all were, darlings.

And that's just how it should be; a show like that is a team sport and a team that plays together well and then separates (albeit temporarily) or moves on to other things has to go through the stages of lowering the excitement levels of the last performance. Trust me, non-performers, it's a very powerful drug is the actor's adrenaline-cum-luvvyness. I'm certainly an addict.

Anyway, as part of the process of letting go and moving on to the next project, I've been listening to a few songs by our own Princess Jasmine - the Salmeister herself, seen here resplendent in checks.
She has a MySpace page which features some of her rather excellent singing/song writing.

You can visit it by clicking this link.

Alternatively, you can stay with the Daily(ish) Millbrook and listen to this

I don't know what you think - but I rather like it. And,no, I'm not on commission. There are several other songs on the MySpace page - if you enjoyed "This Season's Sky" do pay the Salmeister a virtual visit.

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