Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Ornithology Corner (Part 653)

I walked to work yesterday for the first time in a while. I've been being lazy and cadging a lift part way or hopping onto the bus for the last three months or so.

But yesterday, the weather was favourable and the bathroom scales that I stood upon after the morning ablutions were not, so exercise was the order of the day.

The first part of the route to Cremyll for the short crossing to Plymouth, of course, takes me around Millbrook Lake and I get the opportunity to  check out the bird life for any unusual temporary residents.

Just by the jetty at the bottom of Molesworth Terrace I spotted a male tufted duck in his finery. Tufties are not rarities in the least (far from it), but they don't spend a lot of time here in Millbrook; it was a pleasure to see this fellow bobbing about. 
A little further on, at Hancock's Creek, I was quite surprised to see a pair of teal. Millbrook's wintering teal, if they arrive at all, have usually departed by this time of year. Perhaps this pair will be on their way very soon as well - but it's getting well into breeding season; maybe - just maybe - they'll stay and start a breeding population. Here's to hoping.

I didn't get a shot of the female, but here's Mr Teal as he was yesterday (he was a bit distant, so the shot's a tad fuzzy - what the heck).

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