Monday, March 28, 2011

I Love To Go A-Wandering...

My Facebook status yesterday was "...sun's out. The day's chores are all but done. I live in a beautiful corner of Cornwall. I refuse to sit in front of this farking computer any more.....time to go for a walk and a pint. In that order, but not necessarily in those quantities."

Unusually, one or two people actually "liked" what I'd posted onto the social networking site.

Anyway - as good as my word, a walk did indeed take place; not a hardy yomp, just a very pleasant little pootle up and over Maker...
...and along the path in front of Grenville Battery for the views of Cawsand Bay in the springtime sea mists. Firstly Penlee Point, and then swinging the camera the other way towards Fort Picklecombe.

The annual influx of chiffchaffs is very much underway, we could hear the little fellows singing away all around us...."chiffchaff chiffchaff chiffchaff". One was very obliging and posed nicely for a shot.
Onwards we gently pottered, down into Kingsand...
...and the inevitable stop for a pint. It was just the one, as well. Ordinarily we tend to head straight into the Rising Sun or occasionally to the Cross Keys. This time, though, we thought we'd try the Devonport Inn on the Cleave. We've not been in there since it changed hands. Very nice it was, too, with the usual small throng of people outside in the afternoon sun watching the sea. The ale decently kept as well - huzzah!
On the way back we bumped into Debs of Peter Knight's Gigspanner fame; she's in town for a couple of weeks while Peter's off Steeleye Spanning around the world.

Tickets for the soon-to-be-upon-us annual Gigspanner gig at Kingsand are now available from the shop in Kingsand (the one opposite the Halfway House Inn) at a piffling £10 each - as always, my advice is to buy your ticket early. This event will sell out.

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