Sunday, March 20, 2011

Pizza de l'Alsa-Breizh par Jean-Luc "The Godfather" Corleone

Aficionados of my witterings about Trebrivan in general and Bar l'Alsa-Breizh in particular will know that everyone's favourite Breton bar-restaurant is in the hands of Jean-Luc and Gaelle.
Jean-Luc is nothing if not inventive in his search for a new angle, a new enterprise to offer the Trebrivanais over his counter.

At the moment the bar is open every day in the morning and at lunchtime; I've waxed lyrical before on the pages about the extraordinarily great value and great food you can get of a lunch time there. But it's only open in the evening on a Saturday.

Which is when Jean-Luc's newest enterprise kicks in.
Yes, indeed, on a Saturday evening for the foreseeable future should you find yourself in the vicinity of Trebrivan a monstrously proportioned homespun pizza, baked in a wood fired oven by Jean-Luc's own fair hand, can be yours.

And here's the man himself doing his thing. Admittedly in this photo, he's actually baking a tarte flambee and not a pizza - but you get the idea.
The results of Jean-Luc's Alsacien-Breton-Italian melange of cooking skills are yummy in the extreme (and no, I'm not on commission).

This was my "Pizza du Chef", recommended by the man himself. I was torn between that and the "Fruits de Mer", but J-L likes his meat...
Mrs The Millbrooker plumped for the eponymous "Pizza l'Alsa-Breizh", which she pronounced "delicious".
So - attention all shipping in the Trebrivan area.

First - check your charts, you're in the wrong place - there's no water for you to float on.

Second - get thee to bar l'Alsa-Breizh on a Saturday and have one of Jean-Luc's finest round, cheese-topped jobbies, you won't be disappointed.

Bar L'Alsa-Breizh
3 Place Ste Anne
22340 Trebrivan
Tel: +33 296 36 60 56

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