Sunday, March 27, 2011

Three Already

Let's begin with a terrible old seems like only yesterday that Dozybean was waddling about with her particular bun in the oven. Indeed here she is in early 2008 looking, as our French friends would put it, decidedly "plein".
And soon after that, as is the way of such things, a small person arrived.
And now small person is still pretty small, but considerably larger than he was.
Which brings us to yesterday and NooNoo's third birthday gathering-of-the-clan. There is to be a more traditional room full of squealing toddlers during the week (my idea of a Dante-esque vision of the lower circles of hell). This gathering was for us slightly older folk who can no longer cope with hordes of ankle-biters swarming all over the furniture.

Jah Cousteau did his uncle impersonation.
Jah and Dozy made a deeply conventional looking sibling act as they shared the futon sofa. Note extraordinarily rare sighting of Dozybean's legs - this doesn't happen often, make the most of it.
Cannonball Pam did her Nana Pam routine, simultaneously winning the much coveted unflattering photo of the day award.
Unsurprisingly, Jah got fidgety after a while and invented a game which consisted entirely of trying to fill the lampshade with balls, chucked from a seated position underneath.
NooNoo, of course, felt obliged to join in, ably assisted by Pops Lester.
There was, of course, present opening and stuff as well - but photos of people opening presents tend not to be overly stimulating, so I'll leave the wrapping paper carnage to your imagination.

Thank you to Dozybean for hosting us and to YarMatt for his DJing skills in selecting the music on
(Except the dreadful Eva Cassidy version of Somewhere Over The Rainbow - an alarming lapse in taste, that one).

And of course - Happy Birthday, NooNoo.

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