Monday, March 07, 2011

Tooty MacBadass

Everyone's favourite saxophone tootler and musical good-guy Tooty MacBadass has been noodling in his studio again.

There's quite a few tunes and ideas-in-progress on Tooty's Soundcloud page, which is well worth a visit.

A little in Tooty's own words: "Put this together whilst waiting for a phone call. I found an old guitar lick saved as 'Lamesong' and used it with some sax, trumpet, ukulele and a scratching app for the iPhone called Baby Scratch. I like the feel it's got considering I didn't spend that much time on it and will possibly do something more..."

Nice - I like it lots. Do have a listen.
Lamesong by Dan Hillman


Geraldine said...

Mmmmm nice tooty sound

Geraldine said...

Mmmmmm nice tooty sound!