Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Silent Joe and a Very Boozy Film Club

We've had the pleasure of a visit from the Wizzers of Soz over the weekend just gone and she brought with her a very long young fellow called Silent Joe.

Silent Joe is one of the few people to whom I have to look upwards in order to maintain eye contact during conversation. In this shot the actual height difference is show between Silent Joe and young Wizzers. No, he's not standing on a box.
Anyway, Silent Joe seemed to enjoy his sojourn in everyone's favourite haven-from-reality and even forgave the Rame Peninsula its hangover-inducing qualities after a trip to Maker and a Freshly Squeezed gig (featuring the return of Ross Kelly in a series of outlandish costume changes, shamelessly nicked from the pantomime wardrobe, I believe). Ah, yes - the proof.
But I digress, Silent Joe's first visit to this part of the world coincided with the regular Sunday evening film club at Millbrooker Towers. This turned out to be one of the booziest gatherings of its kind since time immemorial. Suffice to say that three bottles of the home made stuff got glugged at the end of the evening and much silliness probably ensued.

However, everyone made it comfortably to midnight before too much silliness kicked in; so drunkards' etiquette* applies.

We did have quite a room full, with our living space roughly halved by the current building works, it was a cosy evening. Here are Helen, Shazzerooneypoos and Slocombe some time after the film had ended.
It would be fair to say that breaking out the guitars was not entirely advisable. But we did it anyway, fingers falling over each other to hit completely mashed chords. Horrible noise. Dong, of course, needed to sing. I think I might have even encouraged him. I said it was a boozy evening.
According to the imprint on the photo, it was 02:29 when Mrs The Millbrooker finally levered the door open to allow the not-inconsiderably-inebriated guests to leave.
I should say that I did suffer yesterday, it wasn't until nearly half past three in the afternoon that I started to feel almost normal again. Just as well, Jo and Sal were due around at four for a rehearsal of Duet For One.

They keep telling me that one day I'll learn.......hasn't happened yet.

*drunkards' etiquette. A simple rule to make life easier within the drinking classes. "Nothing that happens after midnight is EVER mentioned again, unless by the person(s) directly involved in any incidents." If you're drinking skill won't take you safely past midnight before you embarrass yourself,  then you're fair game.

photo of Ross with Freshly Squeezed at the Energy Room, Maker on St Piran's Day 5th March, shamelessly nicked from his missus' Facebook page.

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