Saturday, April 09, 2011

A Case for Unionisation

Dyed-in-the-wool capitalists and ordinary workers who think we're all "middle class now" might not like it, but the fact is that good old-fashioned trades union militancy works for its members.

If you're in an ordinary job, on an ordinary wage (I earn well below the national average, for anyone interested), and you haven't got a pay rise at all this year, or perhaps an insultingly low one when inflation is running rampant - think about what a strong, stroppy union that's unafraid to take industrial action could do for you.

You'll have gathered that I'm RMT and proud of it. We are strong and we are stroppy (motto - "Never On Our Knees") and it works. Allow me to quote from a letter I received this morning.

"Following pay discussions....the company has made a full and final offer for 2011 and 2012.

2011 pay award - February RPI (5.5%), no strings award....
2012 pay award - the greater of 3% or RPI (based on February 2012),no strings award..."

We shouldn't be settling for a reduction in our living standards while the owners of the means of production keep paying themselves more and more. I'm proud that RMT has negotiated a healthy pay award for its members when so many in other trades and professions are being told that they'll have to put up with a pay freeze or a below inflation rise.

Join your union in your workplace, give it the strength it needs through its members to force your employer to play fair. Do it now. Then tell the union leadership that you want action on wages and conditions - tell them you won't put up with second best and that you will support industrial action whenever it's called.

Here endeth today's lesson, my children.

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