Saturday, April 09, 2011

A Fine Half Century

A bit like one of those from Kevin Pietersen, a gentle stroll out to start with followed by lots of crash-bang-wallop, then suddenly the half century is upon you.

In the case of our own Shazzerooneypoos I believe that there has been quite a bit of crash. Some bang. And plenty of wallop involving Torpoint Ferries and nefarious activities. And then suddenly the half century was upon her.

The big "do" is tonight - watch out D&C, here we all come for something of a Millbrookian shindig, but the timing of hitting the final single to make 50 meant that Shazzerooneypoos could stretch the celebrations out a bit. And so a small, but select, gathering met up in the Royal William Yard's Seco Lounge for drinks and a feeding frenzy on the day itself.

The gathering, of course, included the Shazmeister herself and her official consort Dong.
Also in attendance, paying homage to the nicely nurdled 50 achieved by the birthday girl, were Comb-Over and Liability.
And me. Not quite sure what I'd just said to Comb-over, but it was probably rude.
Mrs The Millbrooker was mostly on camera duties, so we'll have to content ourselves with the knowledge that she was also there, rather than photographic proof.

After some rather decent Rioja and nibbles outside (you'll have noticed that we were al fresco in the shots above), time for food inside rolled around. In the Seco Lounge's interior, we were unexpectedly joined by Laura and her current squeeze. Laura also unexpectedly beat her mother (that'll be Liability, then) to the much coveted Unflattering Photo of the day Award.
So good, let's take a better look.
What can I say - food was munched, wine was slooshed, bollocks was talked. And then we took the Cremyll Ferry back to God's own county and a swift pint in the Edgcumbe Arms before a taxi whisked us back to the dear old D&C for a finale (or three).
Shazzerooneypoos' little brother Jedders arrived to add his tuppence worth to the festivities and I put in my own attempt at the Unflattering Photo of the Day Award. 
There will be more news of Auntie Sharon's celebrations, because there's more of them to come - but that was the day itself. Or, at least, the bit that Mrs The Millbrooker and I were involved in.

I'm sure everyone will join me in wishing Shazzerooneypoos a very happy 50th and the hope that, unlike Mr Pietersen all too often, she goes on to make the century.

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