Tuesday, May 17, 2011

An Awesome Gigspanner Weekend

I don't know how long it takes to become an institution. Or do I mean a tradition?

Anyway - those groovy Gigspanner boys came to Rame again in what is certainly on its way to being a tradition. And long may it continue.

For Millbrooker Towers residents this means a whole weekend of enjoyable stuff centring around the gig itself and expanding to include all sorts of other activities. 

We inevitably have a house full. This year we hosted no Gigspanner people but found ourselves with varying combinations of Anal, BathNick, the High Lord of Southwick and the lovely Lady Calluna of Holt.

Anal was a bit sorry for himself on the morning of Gigspanner's annual arrival into our lives. He's the one supporting himself on the gate after a night on the sauce on top of a heavy cold. BathNick was not suffering in the same manner, only from the steep climb up Maker Lane.
And later on, after the High Lord and Lady Calluna of Holt had arrived, another grand Gigspanner weekend tradition was observed. A pre-gig pint at the Rising Sun in Kingsand. here we have (L-R) The High Lord of Southwick, BathNick and Lady Calluna of Holt.
Due an administrative cock-up, Gigspanner were alcohol vending licence free - so it was a BYO affair. Note wine carrier containing the necessaries plopped on the wall in the shot above.

Soon enough, 'twas gig time.
I reckon that Gigspanner has well outgrown my witterings about abilities and performances - suffice to say they continue to grow and to get better and better at what they do. And I love what they do.

This gig's sound was tighter than ever, the trust and shared enjoyment of the trio is a joy to behold - in a music industry full of ersatz talent and synthetic sounds, Gigspanner is like a breath of fresh air.

See them on tour this year if you possibly can: dates etc here. There's a new album out too - a live one. You can get a taste of what Gigspanner does and buy the album, if it takes your fancy, on this link.
In the past, Gigspanner night has meant a long, long night and early morning downing the juice of the barley and other liquid substances followed by a day of gentle recovery. Peter, Roger and Vincent had to be away early the next day, though, so this year was an exception.

Consequently, breakfast was a more seemly affair than usual on the morning after the night before.
Anal had to leave us early, but the High Lord and Lady C along with BathNick didn't take much persuading to do a little circuit around Maker, Kingsand, Cawsand and Penlee Point.
More munching and drinking followed and we were sorry to see the High Lord and Lady C depart on the Sunday for their estates in the north.
BathNick stayed on until Monday and we enjoyed a very very gentle Sunday evening. We're none of us as young as we used to be, you know, and the pace has to slacken occasionally.

So -  Gigspanner. The annual Gigspanner weekend is about so much more than just a concert by some great musicians. It's become one of those essentials of the Millbrooker Towers calendar, when old friends meet up and observe a set of rituals in the name of friendship and music.

Thank yous are owed, of course. Firstly to Mrs The Millbrooker who does all the work on these occasions - the cleaning, the getting rooms ready etc. Then to all those who come along and make the weekend a special event - BathNick, The High Lord of Southwick and (new to this year's festivities) Lady Calluna of Holt and Anal. Last, but not least, to those groovy Gigspanner boys and the lovely Debs who keep turning up year after year for our delight and delectation.


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It was a great evening.Thanks for letting us know.