Monday, May 16, 2011

The Best Gig of the Season

Well....the season is but young as I write, but the Wreckers were out in force on Thursday last to dance at the Devon and Cornwall Inn in Millbrook. Home territory and, of course, home of Russell and his miraculous kitchen. Russell puts on one of the best spreads we see all summer - generous, delicious and served with a smile. No wonder we all love dancing there.

This is yours truly, clutching the lovely new Ovation, alongside (L-R) Anal, BathNick, Dong and Shazzerooneypoos. We'd just arrived a few minutes ahead of schedule to make sure we could get a pint in before the rush.
The dancing soon got underway out in West Street as we anarcho-morris warriors took full advantage of one of the many obscurities of English licencing law - viz the fact that morris dancers can block the public highway for the duration of one dance (at a time). Must try the M25 one day.
There were a couple of newbies having a go at the morris for the first time.

In the shot above, you might just spot the unmistakable barnet of Tooty MacBadass as he blows gently into his liquorice stick (it's what he calls it, and who am I to contradict?)

To allay any doubt that the hyper-cool-jazz-man Tooty enjoyed himself at the morris playing folk tunes on the street - here he is again in all his black-clad glory.
After lots and lots of dancing and playing....

...we headed inside for some music, singing and lots of Russell's lovely grub. Mmmmm..

Great night. Great fun.

Onward, Wreckers - it's the Union Inn at Saltash this week for more fun and silliness involving big sticks and whooping. Huzzah!

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