Wednesday, May 04, 2011

A Message About Gigspanner

I feel I must share this email received from Anal only yesterday.....
"Hello to you in the short time I have an internet connection. San will not be coming to the Gigspanner thing because her mother will be needing her assistance after recovering from an operation (the date of which, was always up in the air!).  I, however, is are gagging to come down and that.  Now then, my first thought was to come on the train with my pushbike, but then I thought it might be a good idea to give mobike a run.  So if there are any tickets left, I might come down on mobike (or not) on the Thursday afternoon and staying until kicking out time on the arse focsle of wheneverthefuckabollock. Knobs and tits.  I did tried to ringed you, but you were engaged all the fucking time.  Flaps. Trust Mad Uncle Millbrooker's guitar is lovingly mended.  Let I know, will 'ee?
Arsefollock Anal
If all tickets are sold, then bollocks to it anyway  xx"

I'm delighted to say that a ticket was indeed available and Anal will be joining us for a party weekend of music and arse-follocks.

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BathNick said...

Hi - Looking forward to finally meeting Arsefollock Anal - Following a call to the lovely Debs I have a ticket reserved 'on the door'. BathNick