Thursday, June 23, 2011

Anal Writes (Again)

I can't help it - every time Anal writes a missive, it makes me smile. Something about the literary style, I suppose.

Mrs The Millbrooker and yours truly are heading northwards this weekend to see a play in Bath and stay with Anal and Sandybum in their Wiltshire abode.
Anyway - here's what we've just received.

"We know you are coming.  We know there will be two of you.  We know what you look like.  We know one of you is a lardy fat git and the other is a very nice lady.  However, we have yet to decipher the time of your arrival, but don't worry, we will.  
 Ah, fuck it.  I can't be arsed with this shit.  Look forward to seeing you when you get here."

We are of course, going to let my potty-mouthed friend know our intended arrival time as a soon as we know it ourselves.

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