Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Solstice Birthday

Ok - so the song is actually about the winter solstice; nonetheless, bells were metaphorically ringing out on the summer solstice here at Millbrooker Towers as we celebrated another of the year's birthdays. This time it was Mrs The Millbrooker's turn.

Yes indeed, using my timeless age calculation method, Mrs The Millbrooker has now reached the grand old age of eight.

Sadly, it was a working day. So apart from a perfunctory and very creakily voiced "Happy birthday to you" from yours truly over the morning cuppa whilst still abed, Mrs The Millbrooker contented herself with a quiet day around the house.

Come the early evening, though, Millbrooker Towers contained not only the birthday girl but Dozybean, NooNoo, yours truly and Jah Cousteau. All gathered to mark the occasion.
Presents were assembled on the blanket box that currently serves as our coffee table.
And so the wrestling match twixt gifts and receiver commenced.
Some hours later, the rather lovely gift from Shazzerooneypoos and Dong was relieved of its gold encasement.

And then there was a smaller one from me - Mrs The Millbrooker put on her "Nana" guise and accepted aid from NooNoo as she carefully peeled off the sellotape and wrapping paper.
And lo! It was a new camera to replace the worn out and steam-driven piece of formerly state-of-the-art technology that has lived in Mrs The Millbrooker's handbag for the last few years.

It was immediately put to very good use.
More than one friend has commented that if they ever want to know what I've been eating, they simply log on to these pages. This is where that comment proves true.

Needless to say, a birthday needs a slap-up nosh. Jah Cousteau generously took us out to dinner at the Devon and Cornwall's curry night.....yum yum.
Not only curry - we got puddings too! Huzzah! This is Jah Cousteau about to enjoy his Eton Mess (photo by Mrs The Millbrooker using new equipment)
And so another birthday passed. Within the Millbrooker Towers mob, there remains only one to celebrate this year. That will be on the Glorious 12th.

I'm sure everyone will join me in wishing Mrs The Millbrooker not only a very happy birthday, but a bloomin' good year to follow it.

A bit of an afterthought, but perhaps this song is a better bet for the time of year than Ian Anderson's ode to the yuletide. Do give it a listen - 'tis beautiful, me 'andsomes.

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