Thursday, June 30, 2011

Film Club Presents...

Once again Millbrooker Towers is able to open its doors to the select few glitterati who comprise film club; we have a "free" weekend with no morris dancing, no family commitments, no visiting to be done.

It's all been tremendous fun these last few weekends, but Mrs The Millbrooker and I are well and truly ready for a gentler Saturday and Sunday.

Anyway - to the point. Usual time, usual place, this Sunday's presentation will be by one of our very favourite film makers.

Peter Greenaway's 2007 tale of Rembrandt "Nightwatching".
The film received mixed reviews on release and divides audiences still (hasn't Greenaway always divided audiences - half of which think he's either mad or a pretentious git; the other half think he's a genius?)

Let's find out for ourselves.

Postscript - I'm a Greenaway fan, but this one is definitely not of his best; overlong, meandering and seems to lose its way after the 90-100 minute mark (it's 136 minutes long). Great lighting, fine ideas, some excellent performances, fabulous theatrical sets - but the sum of the parts just doesn't make an absorbing whole.

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