Sunday, July 03, 2011

Success (of a moderate kind)

Well, I've managed to spend a little time with the little four track digital recording thingy that Anal has let me have on "permanent loan".

After some hours poring over the massively complicated users' manual, I managed to work out the basics and strummed the old Ovation through some effect or other to disguise the slightly shabby playing.

Then I warbled into the microphone, which is similarly on an extended semi-permanent holiday in Millbrooker Towers. Then I did so again about an octave higher. Then I added some "aah-aah-aahs". And before you could say "haraka haraka kijitu"*, I'd used up all four of the available tracks.

So without more ado, assuming you have a sound card and some speakers on your computer, here's my first attempt at home recording. Yes it's a bit rough - like I said, it's a first attempt.

The song is one written by Andy Roberts (a much respected folk musician from the eastern parts of the country) and has been arranged by my mate John Foxen who hangs around with the Wreckers Morris at festivals and kindly teaches us songs. Like this one.

I've punked it up a bit, partly because that's the music of my youth and partly because my playing is about that level.

Ladies and gentlemen  The Wreckers' Prayer as performed by me.

* I don't have much Swahili, but that's about it. Haraka Haraka Kijitu is the tremendously useful phrase "hurry up you dwarf".


BathNick said...

OK, Hmmm. You did find your way around the 'effects'. Tidy it up a bit and I'll take a copy up to The Star Inn Cornish Beer Festival on the 15th. BathNick

The Millbrooker said...

Sadly I probably won't have time for any tidying up exercises before holidays at the end of the week. I will be re-recording while I'm away, though and (I hope) a clearer and better played version will emerge.

I'm having fun with this!

Anal said...

Well done. Well done. Well done.

Be careful that the red LEDs above the two input level knobs doesn't go into the red. Also, as well, make sure the input selecters at the back of the unit are set to guitar or mic/line. This stops distortion.

It was very good and you really do have a nice voice. Bastard. I hate you.

Andy Roberts said...

Great work in progress Josh, and I'm looking forward to the next version as well. Greetings from St Agnes,

Andy Roberts.