Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Up and Over Maker

Last weekend we had the pleasure of the Wizzers of Soz staying for a couple of nights and on the Sunday, despite the sun deciding to hide itself behind some more traditional Cornish weather, we strode out for a walk around some of the hilltops of the Rame Peninsula.

As little or nothing else of remotely publishable interest has happened within the precincts of Millbrooker Towers and its inhabitants since, I'll content myself (and, I hope, you lot) with some hazy shots of our meanderings.

We began by crossing Maker Heights. Long time readers, and local inhabitants, will know that you should always expect the unexpected up there; strange lot of folk, you know. I have absolutely no idea what this vastly oversized chair and benches in the Maker fields was all about, but I'm sure someone will enlighten me one day.
Picking our way through the camp site overlooking Plymouth Sound and through what I like to think of as "skylark field" (because it has lots of skylarks, duh)...
...brought us via the rear of Friary Manor to a grand sighting of the Edgcumbe deer herd.
And then, via Maker Church and to the top of Hooe Lake Valley, from where there's a not-quite-symmetrical alignment of features in the view across the breakwater to Shag Stone and the Mew Stone.
Once upon a time I was given a book entitled "Short Walks from Cornish Pubs". I rather like the book, but ever since receiving it I've questioned the wisdom of its title. Surely - "Short Walks to Cornish Pubs" is far more alluring. Or even "Short Walks Around Cornish Pubs, Starting, Finishing and Featuring a Break in the Middle in a Pub" works even better.

Needless to say, after traversing the Minadu, we found ourselves in Kingsand's fine Rising Sun for a drop of refreshment. Including a bag of crisps for the peckish and only-lightly-breakfasted Wizzers of Soz.
There you go, that's it for the Daily(ish) Millbrook today. Perhaps I'll have something entertaining or important to write about tomorrow. But I wouldn't hold your breath, if I were you. 

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