Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Asterix en Millbrook

For the last few weeks Millbrook's own native French speaker, Patricia, has been running a course in Francais for beginners (that's me) and for intermediates (that's Mrs The Millbrooker) at the village hall.

In addition, because I work silly shifts, she's offered one-to-one classes to fill in for the times I can't be at the main group class. I'm finding the lessons very helpful indeed, I feel that my language skills are improving rapidly.

Which brings me to the newly found delights of trying to read about France's famed characters Asterix and Obelix in the original.
Yes, indeed, part of my homework has been to read Patricia's own copy of Asterix et La Traviata.

It does help that there are pictures to follow as well. I managed to work out that Obelix's mum is telling him off for not having a varied diet.

Some bits, of course, are really easy.

Oui - c'est tres amusant. J'aime mes lecons quand ils ont les livres d'Asterix.

And I expect that was pretty poor French as well, but perhaps it would be understood if I put on one of those poor-lost-tourist looks at the same time.

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