Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Milly, Trickers and the Tale of Two Lunches.

We had an unexpected almost-visit from Milly and Trickers over the weekend. I say "almost" because they'd picked up one of those two-for-one hotel deals at what used to be the Novotel in Plymouth and stayed there to explore the delights that the city named after the mouth of the River Plym has to offer.

Not as many delights on offer there as there are in our own delightful corner of the South West, of course, but people need to find these things out for themselves.

Naturally enough, we took the opportunity to get together for a couple of lunches and some pootling around.

Lunch one was in the Crown and Anchor on the Barbican. Something of a curate's egg of a meal: my "All Aboard" mixed grill was very good, but lacked the kidney advertised on the menu (photo below), Mrs The Millbrooker's goat's cheese and chorizo salad was likewise decent fare (although it's served with no carbs whatsoever leaving a vague hungry feeling even after consumption).
Milly's homemade soup with crusty roll was badly let down by the "crusty roll" being one of those par-baked things you get in a packet and which you're then supposed to bake until it's browned and crusty - only the kitchen staff had simply taken it from its packet and served it, so rather than being a crusty roll it was some baguette shaped dough.
Trickers had a similarly uncrusty and unpalatable baguette with ham. All the meals arrived at separate times, to the extent that Trickers' lunch (only a baguette and salad, remember) was served as Milly took her last mouthful of soup.

Overall, I'd find it very hard to recommend the place. Go to the Blues Bar and Grill instead, just around the corner on the other side of the harbour would be my advice.

Day two (that'll be Sunday, then) saw us meeting up with Milly and Trickers at the Royal William Yard to try the newly opened Prezzo restaurant.

Now, this was a altogether better experience: warm, friendly service greeted us and tables were quietly re-arranged when I expressed a preference for a window seat (the more light the better with my eyesight). The mixed bread for sharing as a starter was excellent value, my baked mushrooms slightly less so at over a fiver for six fungi, but they were delicious.
You'll have noticed that Dozybean also joined us, not being one to pass up on a free lunch. And who is?

Prezzo really came into its own when the mains were served - Milly's "Pollo Siciliana" looked wonderful and was pronounced delicious; Dozy's vegetarian ravioli was likewise both well presented and tasty; Mrs The Millbrooker enjoyed her variation on grilled chicken; Trickers was well pleased with his spaghetti carbonara; I, unusually for me, selected a pizza - and was very glad that I did - mmmmmm.
In terms of prices Prezzo isn't expensive; not that we could afford to eat there daily - but it's certainly competitive with any pub lunch if you're aiming for a full meal as opposed to just a sarnie. The beer's a tad steep, but the wine list is very good value for restaurant prices.

Yep - count me in as a Prezzo fan; a chain that's doing its job very well indeed if this first encounter is anything to go  by.

Prezzo has sample menus online here - take a peek.

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